CrysticROOF in a Box Crystic® “Roof in a Box” is the new roofing kit for small roofers.

This convenient ‘ready to use’ box containing all the GRP materials and application tools needed to cover an area of around 12 m2 of flat, valley or pitched roofing. CrysticROOF has been specifically designed for GRP roofing applications. It is easily applied manually by roller and brush.

A list of all the items provided in Crystic “Roof a Box”, which excludes a catalyst (sold separately by SIG) is as follows:  

  • 15kg CrysticROOF® Resin (with colour change system)
  • 10kg CrysticROOF® Dark Grey Topcoat (Lead Grey 6927)
  •  6.5kg 450g/m2 Chopped Strand Mat                                  
  •  1 x 75mm Glassfibre Woven Tape
  •  2 x 5 Litre White Bucket
  •  1 x 3” Laminating Roller
  •  1 x 7” Laminating Roller                                        
  •  2 x 3” Laminating Roller Refill
  •  2 x 7” Laminating Roller Refill
  •  1 x Consolidating Roller 70x21mm
  •  1 x Consolidating Roller 225x45mm               
  •  2 x 2” Laminating Brush
  •  2 x 3” Laminating Brush
  •  1 x 15ml Catalyst Dispenser
  •  4 pairs of XL Gloves
  •  CrysticROOF® Product Guide