CrysticROOF Repair

CrysticROOF Repair is a thixotropic and fibre-reinforced, one component polyurethane liquid membrane used for repairing damaged GRP roofs. Due to its unique formulation, CrysticROOF Repair cures rapidly to form a thick layer membrane with excellent mechanical properties.

Key benefits:

  • No reinforcement necessary - works effectively in flashing points
  • Smooth finish - bubble and defect free
  • Fast - cures in just 2 hours
  • Weather resistance - ideal for use during the winter months or in low humidity, also UV resistance
  • Good insulator - excellent thermal resistance, it never turns soft. Recommended service temperature 80°C, max shock temperature 200°C
  • Great elasticity - resistance in the cold; the film remains elastic even as low as -40°C
  • Mechanical properties - high tensile and tear strength, high abrasion resistance