F300, F600 & F900 Flat Sheets

F300 Flat Sheets

The 'F' trim range consists of flat flashing with three different widths. These trims are supplied as 20 metre rolls, and are mainly used where a pitched roof meets a flat roof. It should be nailed onto the roof deck and bent up the pitched roof slope being placed under the existing roof felt and tiles. If only fixed at the base in this manner, the trims will also act as an expansion trim.

The F trims can also be used around vertical details. Any nails and joints should be taped and resin covered, the remainder of the trim can simply be top-coated during that stage of installation.

All 20 metre rolls:

  • F300 – 300mm x 20m roll
  • F600 – 600mm x 20m roll
  • F900 – 900mm x 20m roll