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Q. Is there technical data and MSDS supplied at point of sale?
A. Yes you should always make sure that your distributor passes you this important documentation before using these materials.

Q. Can I get installation advice?
A. Yes see the installation guide in our brochure available from Scott Bader and all of our distributors.

Q. Is the material covered by a warranty?
A. Yes speak to your distributor who will inform you of the material warranty guidelines.

Q. Do I need to allow for expansion joints when fixing?
A. Scott Bader recommend that you allow for expansion joints (see trim guide) every 50sq metres. If your roof is smaller than this then you do not need to worry.

Q. Can a GRP roof be repaired?
A. Repairs should be made by cutting out the damaged section and grinding the surrounding area to a roughened, feathered surface extending 100 mm in each direction from the damaged area. The area to be covered should be thoroughly cleaned with a stiff brush. Glass mat and Base Resin should be used to make good the repair, left to harden and subsequently the Topcoat re-applied. Care should be taken not to coat existing areas of Topcoat.

Q. Can I catalyse resin or topcoat with Acetone?
A. No. Do not ever try to catalyse any resin or topcoat using anything other than the Catalyst M50. Always follow the recommended guidelines in the installation guide depending on the weather conditions. If you do not do this the resin and topcoat will not set and stay wet and tacky.

Q. Can I lay a roof in the wet?
A. No. Always lay GRP roofs in dry conditions. If it has rained after laying the resin or the deck always make sure that the surface is fully dried before top-coating.

Q. Is the system Fire Tested?
A. The standard CrysticROOF system has not been formally tested, however, if you require a fire certificated system please refer to our Premier range of products.

Q. Can I add more than 4% catalyst for quicker curing?
A. No. Scott Bader recommend that you add between 1-4% depending on the ambient temperature. If you add more than 4% you will actually start to slow down the cure speed. Do not use these products below 7.5°C. Scott Bader always recommend that you keep the resin and the Top Coat indoors over night before using to keep it as warm as possible.

Q. Can I reapply a Topcoat at a later stage.
A. Yes. As long as you sand the existing topcoat to remove the waxy top surface and provide a suitable key before over coating.

Q. What if it rains whilst installing?
A. If it starts to rain, stop immediately and cover the roof with a tarpaulin or visqueen sheet. Keep the roof as sheltered as possible. The decking or the resin will need to be completely dry before continuing.

If you are unable to laminate over a prepared decked before it will rain, then coat the decking with catalysed resin and cover any exposed edges. This will seal the deck and prevent moisture ingress into the deck until the laminate can be applied.

After rain stops, use cloths to soak up water, and speed up the drying process by wiping with acetone.