CrysticROOF Revive

CrysticROOF Revive will give any GRP roof a new lease of life. Without the need for a catalyst, CrysticROOF Revive is a one component moisture curing polyurethane based waterproofing membrane which is designed as an overlay directly onto an existing GRP roof.


Key benefits:

  • Fast - just one coat needed on a GRP roof (reinforcing fleece then an additional coat if needed)
  • One component - you don’t need to add hardeners or catalyst, no matter what season you’re applying it in
  • No primer or catalyst on a GRP roof - unlike other products, you do not need to add a primer or catalyst on a GRP roof. Other substrates may differ.
  • Easy repair - no sanding or acetone cleaning before application
  • Cost effective - fast application and fewer coats means less material and lower cost
  • UV stable - doesn’t break down with exposure to UV and pollution
  • 300% elasticity - 6 times more elastic than GRP and can be used over large roof areas
  • Weather resistance - it’s wide service temperature range means it stays secure in all weather