CrysticROOF PU Adhesive & Sealant

CrysticROOF PU Adhesive & Sealant is a one component, polyurethane-based, low modulus sealant. It can be used on its own as an adhesive sealant or a gap sealant for waterproofing your roof.


Key benefits:

  • Smooth finish - gives a smooth tooled finish
  • Excellent thixotropy - can be used on large expansion joints
  • Excellent adhesion - with or without the use of special primers
  • Easy to work with - great extrusion, tooling and storage stability in all climates
  • Excellent chemical resistance - suitable for sealing joints in swimming pools and chemically treated water
  • Great elasticity - low modulus, joint movement accommodation 50%
  • Microorganism and fungus resistant - for long-lasting durability
  • Temperature resistance - suitable for application where temperatures may be up to 60°C. As well as resistance to cold; the sealant remains elastic even down to -40°C​