Scott Bader Promoting Innovative New ‘Eco-friendly’ EHS CrysticROOF Products at Ecobuild 2014 Exhibition, London, 4 - 6 March

Scott Bader is exhibiting for the first time at Ecobuild 2014, taking place this year from 4-6 March at the ExCeL conference centre in London. The Scott Bader stand (N540/41) will be promoting three new CrysticROOF products recently developed. Scott Bader’s in-house R & D team has risen to the challenge of providing building designers, specifiers and contractors with innovative, new technologies in roofing products based on glass-reinforced polyester resin (GRP) and acrylic coatings which can help the environment and improve health and safety by reducing building energy consumption, reducing volatile emissions and improving fire resistance. CrysticROOF ‘BBA Premier’ is a BBA approved cold-applied GRP roofing system, which has proven itself as a long-lasting, leak-free alternative to traditional roofing materials, such as bitumen, felt and lead, and offers a 25 year guarantee if installed by a certified contractor.  

New Energy saving CrysticROOF ‘eco’ coating

During Ecobuild the new energy saving ‘eco’ CrysticROOF coating will be demonstrated on the Scott Bader stand to show an innovative new ‘energy reflecting’ coating, which offers the combined benefits of a choice of roof colour other than white, ranging from yellow to dark grey, while also significantly reducing heat build-up in the roof due to the reflective properties of this new CrysticROOF ‘eco’ coating to the near infra-red (NIR) radiation in natural sunlight. According to independent experts, 53% of the sun’s heating effect is due to the infra-red energy, so by applying the NIR reflective CrysticROOF ‘eco’ coating product on a flat or pitched roof, it will help to significantly reduce the daytime surface temperature of the roof. The advantage of a cooler roof for any air-conditioned, climate controlled building is a decrease in energy consumption and related CO2, emissions, which could reduce by as much as a 52% annually. As well as reducing the running costs and the carbon footprint of a building, there are added benefits for both the design and maintenance of a building roof by having a less extreme temperature change cycle over a 24hr period, resulting in less thermal warping and thermal stress.

New ‘Flexible’ Wet-on-Wet CrysticROOF system

The new flexible grade CrysticROOF system being promoted at Ecobuild offers installers a fire-rated cold applied liquid system which can be applied immediately under damp, wet conditions to a base coat and still be tack free in less than three hours. The flexible system works in a wide range of summer and winter outdoor temperatures and variety of surfaces. According to Scott Bader, provided a suitable primer is correctly applied, it can be used as to cover a variety of common bitumen or cement based flat roofing substrates, as well as with some proprietary foam or foil roofing products. This new flexible CrysticROOF topcoat uses a ‘next generation’ polyurethane (PU) based non-gassing GRP resin system which has very low VOC emissions, offering improved environmental, health and safety (EHS) for installers.

New ‘Standard’ Fire Retardant CrysticROOF System  

Scott Bader has developed a new version of CrysticROOF topcoat, which is a specially formulated fire resistant (FR) isophthalic topcoat. This new FR topcoat will become part of the standard CrysticROOF system. By offering a FR rated GRP flat roof system as standard, Scott Bader aims to help customers and contractors make the right choice and avoid the risk of not meeting fire safety legislation and building regulations by opting to install CrysticROOF, confident that it is an approved and tested FR roof system which meets BS476 Part 3, yet still provides the long term UV resistance and weathering performance. 

CrysticROOF provides a high performance solution for all roof structures, including flat, valley and pitched - and for all shapes, including walkways, roof-lights and balconies. This GRP flat roof system eliminates the need for heating equipment and, when applied correctly, remains watertight and maintenance-free for many years. CrysticROOF ‘BBA Premier’ is available from a fully trained and accredited CrysticROOF installer, and comes with a 25 year materials guarantee to remain watertight and maintenance free. 

All CrysticROOF resins and topcoats are developed in house by Scott Bader’s R & D chemists, and are manufactured in its UK plant in Northamptonshire to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and procedures. Scott Bader has over 60 years’ experience in polyester chemistry and advanced GRP systems for demanding building and construction, marine, and transportation applications.

The full range of CrysticROOF products, including a range of high quality trims and ancillaries, is exclusively stocked by SIG Roofing Supplies in the UK and supplied nationally to roofing installers via local SIG outlets. Scott Bader is also an associate member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors.  

For further information about approved installers, details of local suppliers, a practical step by step video about how to apply the CrysticROOF system, and to download a brochure, go to, or e-mail  For more information about Scott Bader Company Ltd and the compete ranges of speciality chemicals and composites products offered, go to